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Taekwondo Program


 Founded by General Choi Hong Hi in 1946, Taekwondo is an evolution of traditional Korea martial arts and has since developed into an Olympic sport. Literally translated, it means"foot-fist way" because it revolves around opposing an attacker with kicks, blocks and punches supported with agile footwork. Taekwondo constitutes direct self defense. In the Taekwondo  program, students will learn how to deliver a formidable combination of maximum power and speed with minimum effort. They will master each belt level's respective form with distinct control and dexterity, exercise self- defense techniques, train in the art of breaking, aswellas engage in sparring to put their skills to the test inrealistic combat.

A long the path of learning Taekwondo , students will also acquire the self-discipline, self-reliance, apply to their everyday lives to succeed in every aspect.

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Judo Program


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Aikido Program


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Kung Fu Program


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