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5th Dan Chung Do Kwan TaeKwonDo and 5th Dan WTF TaeKwonDo.
•Black belt in Shorin Ryu Karate, Tang soo do, and Aikido
Also trained in Vo Binh Dinh, Vinh Xuan, Shorin Ryu Karate, Tang soo do, judo, Jujuitsu kai Aikido, hapkido, Small jujitsu, Chin Na.
•Was the owner and chief instructor of Truong’s Taekwondo Academy in
Kokomo, Indiana (since 1998).
•Successful tournament competition in the Professional Karate
Commission (PKC) and Chung Do Kwan International  tournaments for many years.
Professional background:
•Bachelor in Electrical Engineering (BSEE), MBA.
•Retired after a successful engineering career at General Motors,
Delphi Corporation, Delco Electronics; and moved to Houston, Texas in


Instructor Peter Wong

-2nd Dan ITF

-20 years Kungfu Hung-gar

 I started Martial Arts 40 years ago in Hong Kong. I am
so lucky to meet Master Hanh in the State and earned my 2nd Black Belt
in ITF under his supervision.Me and Master Charlie were Master Hanh first
Students in USA.and are good friends since then.I love different styles of martial art and I wish everybody be humble and accept new ideas and develop your own style.Now I am working at St Luke hospital  as Pharmacist

Master Khang Nguyen:   Judo Championship of Asian

Instructor CHARLEY SMITH - 2nd Dan I.T.F. Started studying martial arts in 1967 when he studied KEMPO Karate.  In 1971 I started studying Tae Kwan Do in Vientiane, Laos and continued my studies In Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia until 1973.  In 1983, I joined Van Binh Self Defense Academy and received my I.T.F. Black Belt in 1988.  I am also a 2nd Dan in W.T.F. Tae Kwondo .I have been working for the Government for 30 years as I.R.S  Federal agent

Instructor JOHN GARRISON - 3rd Dan I.T.F
Instructor ANDY-NGUYEN is 48 years old. He began training in the Unified Martial Arts discipline at age 10 before immigrating to America in 1975. He resumed his Judo training in California and competed at the college level. Andy joined Houston Self Defense Academy in October 1996 where he continued training under the guidance of Master Hanh Dzuy Nguyen until present time and has earned an ITF 3rd Dan and an International Instructor Certification. He was a Software Engineer by trade, but now works for the City of Sugar Land as a full-time Police Officer.
Instructor Ted Reves-  2nd Dan I.T.F
Instructor Scott Ham: 2nd Dan I.T.F
Instructor Garry Collins 4th Dan I.T.F

Gary is 55 years old and  joined Houston Self Defense Academy in January 1997 where he trained under the guidance of Master Hanh Dzuy Nguyen and has earned an ITF 4th Dan.  In 2007 he earn an International Instructor Certification. Gary graduated from Texas A&I University as a Natural Gas Engineer and has 32 years experience in drilling and production operations for a major oil companies.    

 Instructor Dr. Mercedes - 3rd I.T F
  Instructor Roger McCullar: 2nd Dan I.T.F

is 46 years old and began his training while attending Abilene Christian University in 1986.  After graduation he returned to Houston where he joined Van Binh Self Defense on Hwy 6 in 1987 and later Houston Self Defense Academy under the instruction of Master Hanh Dzuy Nguyen and Master Loc.  Roger is the Owner and CEO of VANSFORSALE.COM and specializes in the sale of cargo vans, passenger vans, and work trucks in Houston, Texas.

Instructor Christ Smith: 1st Dan I.T.F & 2nd Dan W.T.F

Started practicing Tae Kwon Do in 1983 with Grand Master Van Binh and Master Hanh.  In 1987, I was the youngest student in Van Binh Self Defense Academy to test for a Black Belt.  I have competed Nationally and Internationally with several championships in my name.

Instructor Jared Collins: 

Jared is 24 years old and has earned an ITF 3rd Dan.  Jared first started training in the martial arts during August 1992.  He has trained under Master Hanh Dzuy Nguyen at Houston Self Defense Academy since August of 1995.  Jared is a Petroleum Engineer working for a small oil independent and has graduated from the University of Houston with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering.

Instructor Lawrence Ingle  

Ages: 52 years old.

Date started: August 30, 1999 

Dan: -3rd degree Black belt Taekwondo(I.T.F)

         -Blue belt Aikido

Occupation: Walgreen Manager


Instructor Monica Japon

Age: 26 years old

Date Started: November 11, 1993

Degree: 2nd Degree Black  Belt I.T.F

Occupation: Manager

Instructor Mirasol Yu

Age: 38 years old

Date Started: June 9, 2003

Dan: 2nd degree Black belt I.T.F

         -Brown Belt 3rd grade Judo.

Occupation:  Register Nurse

Graduation: Bachelor of Science in Nursing 3/92

Instructor Duc Nguyen

Age:  23 year old

Date started: 8/3/2001

Dan: 2nd degree Black belt I.T.F


Master Do Ngo

Age: 52 years old 

Date Started: May 17, 1969

Degree: 4th Degree Judo U.S.J.F

Occupation:  Judo Instructor

Judo Instructor:  Minh Quang Tu

Age:   52 years old 

Date started: Stated Judo with Cercle Sportif Saigon at the age of 13

Degree: Shodan in 2006

Occupation: Consulting Electrical Engineer



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