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Introductory Program:

           If you have never taken Martial Arts before, you should try this program first.  The introductory program              includes 2 trial lessons in which the master will teach some basic techniques about the Tae Kwon Do, Judo,     Aikido, and Kungfu. This program is designed for beginners who are not sure if Martial Arts is the appropriate  training routine for them.  It allows for a taste of what is to come. It also allows the master  to evaluate what the studentís abilities are to better develop a teaching course for him/her. After these 2 classes, he will recommend other programs he feels is best suited for said student. 

Taekwondo program:

 Literally translated, Tae Kwon Do means "foot-fist way". Tae Kwon Do is an evolution of traditional Korea martial arts, founded by General Choi Honh Hi in 1946 and  has since spread to every major country in the world to become an Olympic sport. It is a "hard" style of martial art, opposing an attacker with punishing kicks, block, and punches supported by agile footwork. The student will learn how to deliver maximum power and speed with minimum effort.  Unlike Aikido, which emphasizes circular movements, Taekwon-Do constitutes direct self-defense. General Choi, in his books and lectures, also promotes the sport as a way of life incorporating self-reliance, moral development and service to others. 










Judo Program:

Judo is also an Olympic competitive sport and has been since 1964. It was founded by Dr. Jigoro Kano, a man who was very short in stature and weighed a little more than a hundred pounds. He developed Judo based on techniques of throws, hooks, sweeps, arm lock, hold on ground and chocks, utilizing different body parts such as hands , arms, shoulders, hips and legs. The goal of Judo is to exercise control over your opponent 's weight, balance and force. It is the idea of using an inferior force against a superior force to the latter's detriment in the way that a small crow bar can be used to move an object of enormous weight.


Aikido program:

Aikido, often described as a "soft" martial art in comparison to Tae Known Do. It is a defensive, non-aggressive style that uses and re-directs an attackerís force against him/her. Students will learn the principals of ki (inner power) and how to meet attacks with relaxed, circular responses that end by controlling rather than destroying the opponent. Aikido was founded in this century by Morihei Uyeshiba in Japan, Aikido but traces its root back to the fighting arts of Samurai. Brute strength is not a factor in Aikido. Knowledge of ki along with principles of motion, balance, timing, and extension make Aikido accessible to students of all ages, sizes, and sexes. Training includes a variety of throws, wrist techniques, pins, and weapon training. Students of Aikido often discover that knowledge of ki and Aikido principles helps them meet all of life challenges with greater calmness and self -confidence.





Kungfu program: 

       Kung Fu is a mix of a Vietnamese and Chinese style of self-defense; its origin goes back thousands of years. In Kung-fu, the stress is on the concentration of internal power, pressure points, kicks and punches






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