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Master Hanh Nguyen, 61 years of age, began a life time of devotion to the Martial Arts at a young age, concentrating first in the area of Kung Fu. Soon after, in 1960, he followed Grand Master Van-Binh and began training in Judo at the school of Judonam. Four years later, he turned his attention to Taekwondo as this discipline was becoming more popular in Asia. He continued training under Grand Master Van-Binh at the school of OHDOKWAN (now known as Van Binh Self Defense Academy). In 1968, his dedication and personal sacrifices culminated in a National Champion title at the Viet Nam National Championship tournament held in Saigon Vietnam.

Master Hanh was a student of Saigon University of Law where he sought to fight for justice for the common people in the former democratic regime. During a time of war, however, he felt a duty to his country and joined the South Vietnamese Army and quickly rose to the rank of Lieutenant. In 1970, due to his Martial Arts prowess, he was chosen to lead Taekwondo training at the Army Martial Arts Training School in Thu-Duc district. In 1971, Master Hanh was again chosen among eight other Martial Artists to represent Vietnam in the second Asia Taekwondo Championship in Malaysia where he brought great honor to his country, winning the title of Taekwondo Champion of Asia.

        After the Fall of South Vietnam in 1975, he was imprisoned in a communist concentration camp and had to endure unspeakable sufferings throughout his 5 years in captivity, made worse by several failed escape attempts. Due to sheer determination, he finally persevered and escaped from prison only to embark on a harrowing journey across the Pacific. He eventually arrived in America in 1983 where he found a new life and a profound appreciation for freedom. Master Hanh then turns his passion towards helping others learn the art of Self-defense.

        From 1983 to 1994, he collaborated with Grand Master Van-Binh in teaching, improving and promoting Unified Martial Arts. Presently, he holds the position of vice president of the Unified Martial Arts, with the rank of UMA 8th Dan.  Master Hanh also holds an ITF (International Taekwondo Federation) 7th Dan ranking as sanctioned by the current ITF governing body under Master Tran Trieu Quan.


Of all of his accomplishments, he is most proud of the success of HOUSTON SELF DEFENSE ACADEMY as measured by the consistent accomplishments of his students. Master Hanh emphasizes the importance of education as well as physical training. He strives to instill these beliefs and good moral values upon his students with the hope that they would continue to succeed in other aspects of their lives.





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